Wed. Night Youth Group exists as a time to gather together as a body of Believers and dig deep into the issues of P1040002faith in life as lived out by teenagers each and every day. We hope you’ll join us as we have games, teaching and discussion time as we challenge each other to grow in our faith. We provide an environment where trusted adults are there to help disciple, encourage and provide insight to teenagers just like you.

The Redeemed Teen Ministries of Groton Heights Baptist Church exists to reach teenagers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to disciple them in that faith. We seek to hold high the Scriptures as the inspired Word of God and to train our students to study the Scripture for themselves. It is our prayer that each student who enters our doors will ask tough questions and make faith in God their own.


We meet on Wednesday nights at in the Youth Room for Youth Group from 6:00pm until 7:30pm and on Sunday Mornings in the Sr. High and Jr. High Rooms at 9:30am for Sunday School.